How to install Umwelt on Windows 10 & Android Phone.
  1. Download and execute the Windows Umwelt Installer on your PC.
    Because Umwelt is not signed with a Windows certificate it will show the warning below.
    Windows install warning.

    Select "More Info".

    Windows install warning.

    Select "Run Anyway".

  2. Install Umwelt for Android into your phone.
  3. Pair your phone to your computer.

    Click on the Bluetooth icon on the system tray and select "Add a Bluetooth Device". On your phone select "Settings", "Bluetooth", "More settings" and select the advertised PC. You will need to confirm the pairing, both on the phone and PC.

  4. (Important!) Select the Umwelt Credential provider on the Sign In screen:
    1. Press Windows Key + L, to activate the Sign In screen.
    2. Click on "Sign In Options"
    3. Select the Umwelt icon.
    4. Type your password to sign in again and keep the Umwelt Credential Provider as the default.
  5. (Optional) You might want to turn off sleep mode because Umwelt will not be able to wake up your computer from sleep mode, since the Bluetooth controler is turned off.
    1. Right click on the desktop and select "Display settings" from the popup menu.
      PC Desktop context menu.
    2. Select "Power & sleep" from the options on the left and select "Never", on the sleep options, at least for when the PC is plugged in.
      Settings options.Sleep drop-down.
    If you want Umwelt to sign in when the PC is in sleep mode, just tap a key on the keyboard and wait a few seconds for Umwelt to sign in.
  6. (Optional) You might want to move the Umwelt icon to the tray area. It is easier to access it from there.
    Moving icon to tray.Click on the tray's up arrow to show hidden icons. Drag and drop the Umwelt icon to the tray.
How to use Umwelt on Windows 10.